Bob Kendrick/ April 29, 2017/ Ideas For Outdoor Events

In both local and national sports events, athletes must take extremely good care of their bodies to perform up their highest potential. In theory, cigarettes and playing a sport would seem as if they wouldn’t mix well together, however, a lot of this misinformation. It’s true that most people automatically assume that the act of smoking tobacco has no place in an athlete’s life and will horribly hurt their stamina. While smoking tobacco certainly is not helping anything, many athletes are able to still smoke in moderation without any kind of negative effect on their energy or strength.

Smoking and riding a bike

When thinking about exercise and tobacco together, there’s a comparison between something very good and something inherently bad. The positive effect of exercise on the body is tremendous–it increases oxygen in the blood, burns excess fat, and trains the cardiovascular system. For athletes, who may spend hours upon hours each week training their bodies, this positive effect only increases tenfold. Although cigarettes are bad and harmful in the long term, athletes who smoke in moderation would not notice any kind of significant effect. They are already continually pushing their bodies to be healthier and healthier–and a little smoke here and there is not going to permanently damage that.

It should be noted, however, that smoking is best done after a workout. Since tobacco does de-oxygenate the blood and slow down the heart, doing this activity after the workout–where your heart and blood has already done its job–is best. Smoking right before a big game might not be the best idea, but afterwards, it would be just fine.

While smoking tobacco would affect athletic performance if done in large consumption, having a few cigarettes to relax and wind down after an extremely demanding practice or game is not going to cause horrible harm or mess up an individual’s stamina and strength.